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Combined EEG/NIRS

In close cooperation with Artinis Medical Systems (  we are developing a dedicated EEG/NIRS head cap for the simultaneous measurement of EEG and NIRS.

EEG and NIRS (Near-InfraRed Spectroscopy) both offer information about brain function, complementing each other in their ability to resolve information about the spatial and temporal characteristics of neural activity. The electrical potentials in brain tissue can be measured by EEG with high temporal resolution. NIRS measures the changes in oxygenation and blood volume, which reflects a different aspect of neural activity with high spatial information. Our EEG amplifiers do not interfere with NIRS signals. 

    • Combined EEG/NIRS head cap

    • No interference between NIRS and EEG

    • Combine the Mobita, Porti or the Refa with the Oxymon, Portalite or Octamon NIRS systems.

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