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Changes in TMSi's upper management

We are happy to announce that we have appointed Dick van Waes as our new CEO per September 1st 2018. You can read the official press release here.

TMSi introduces the new standard for wireless EEG and HD EMG measurements

The TMSi SAGA is the latest development in EEG and HD EMG research.The SAGA is the long awaited successor of the worldwide used Refa amplifier for EEG and HD EMG.

It includes 64 unipolar input channels for measuring EEG or HD EMG, 4 bipolar inputs for EMG, ECG or EOG and 3 additional input channels for connecting a wide variety of physiological sensors. This battery-operated system includes both wired and wireless data transfer functionality, giving you the opportunity to do true mobile high density research.

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Here you will find the most recent news-items involving TMSi products or TMSi partners. 

Neurosurgeon runs marathon whilst monitoring his brain activity

Dutch neurosurgeon Kuan Kho, 42, has run the 50th edition of the Enschede marathon on 22 April in Enschede for research he is currently working on. The pioneering research uses electrodes to observe brain activity which monitors the onset of epileptic seizures.

Kho has been the first person to run a marathon whilst his EEG was continuously being monitored. The rhythm and waves of the brain were measured with 23 electrodes, as part of important research into epilepsy. Previously there has been technical research with motion sensors on muscle activation and breathing, but never before with an EEG as being done with the Mobita EEG system.

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Learning in your sleep!

Learning a new language during your sleep? Science fiction, or reality? Researchers from the VUmc think it will become reality in the near future. Using a Refa EEG system, Dr. Lucia Talamini is performing research on learning in your sleep.

For more information, please check one of the following links:

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