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Here you will find the most recent news-items involving TMSi products or TMSi partners. 

Lowlands: typing with your brain!

Typing without using your hands. It sounds impossible, but at the 25th edition of the Lowlands festival, you could try it out yourself. Researchers from Radboud University were testing their technique which can be used to type words without using your hands or arms, but by scanning your brain activity. The researchers used TMSi's Porti system in combination with water-based EEG electrodes for a quick set-up!

For more information, please check one of the following links:

- NOS (Dutch) 

- Radboud University (both Dutch and English)


Introducing the cEEGrids

TMSi is happy to announce the release of the cEEGrids. cEEGrids are flex-printed, multi-channel sensor arrays for measuring unobtrusive EEG. More information can be found on the cEEGrids page.


Team BrainGain wins silver in BCI race at the Cybathlon 2016

Team BrainGain from Nijmegen has won the silver medal in the Brain Computer Interface race on the Cybathlon 2016. The Cybathlon is an event that is organized by the ETH Zürich to raise attention to the general public for the use of robotic aids and to facilitate dialogue between industry, academia and people with disabilities. The event itself is a set of games in various disciplines, including Brain Computer Interfacing.

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