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Team BrainGain wins silver in BCI race at the Cybathlon 2016

Team BrainGain from Nijmegen has won the silver medal in the Brain Computer Interface race on the Cybathlon 2016. The Cybathlon is an event that is organized by the ETH Zürich to raise attention to the general public for the use of robotic aids and to facilitate dialogue between industry, academia and people with disabilities. The event itself is a set of games in various disciplines, including Brain Computer Interfacing.

The members of the BrainGain team are Toine Welling, who has been paralysed below his shoulders after he incurred a spinal injury in 1982, Jason Farquhar, neuroscientist at Radboud University’s Donders Institute, and Noël Keijsers, senior researcher at the Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen. In the BCI race, the goal was to complete a virtual racing track using only brain waves. Using the EEG from TMSi’s Porti, pilot Toine Welling completed the track of 500 virtual meters in 2 minutes and 36 seconds. Only a team from Switzerland was faster.

TMSi is proud partner and technology supplier for this team and we congratulate the complete team with this fantastic achievement. You all did an amazing job! We can only imagine how hard it would be to do this in an Arena full of people watching.

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