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bipolar snap-electrode pair

EMG electrodes

EMG is usually measured by calculating the difference between two electrodes. At TMSi we have different electrodes available with different advantages.

The snap-electrodes are very easy to handle, enabling you to very quickly set-up an EMG measurement using the pre-gelled disposable electrodes. The disposable electrodes have a measurement surface of about 12mm.

The micro-electrodes are a bit harder to handle, but their small measurement surface of about 1mm enables you to measure EMG of small muscles. The small measurement surface makes the skin movement artifacts much smalles, as well as the crosstalk.

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bipolar snap-electrode pair

EOG electrodes

By means of EOG you measure movement of the eye by measuring the potential that exists between the back and the front of the eye.

Our special micro-electrodes with their small measurement surface of about 1mm are perfect for measuring EOG. The small measurement surface makes the skin movement artifacts as well as the crosstalk, much smaller than conventional electrodes.

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bipolar snap-electrode pair


The flexible footswitch is a true membrane switch for use in gait or movement analysis in ambulatory measurements.

With our special designed footswitch adapter you can connect up to 4 footswitches to 1 auxiliary input. Each footswitch consists of a 25mm membrane switch with a 15mm sensor area on a 100mm flexible tail. 

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bipolar snap-electrode pair

Goniometers and Torsiometers

With goniometers and torsiometers it is possible to measure angles and rotations respectively.

Twin axis goniometers can simultaneously measure angles in up to two planes of movement.  The single axis torsiometers are designed for measurement of rotations in one plane, e.g. forearm pronation/supination.

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bipolar snap-electrode pair

GSR sensor

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) or Electrodermal Response (EDR) can be measured by means of our GSR sensor in combination with a pair of finger electrodes.

The GSR is defined as a change in the electrical properties of the skin. The signal can be used for capturing the autonomic nerve responses as a parameter of the sweat gland function. The measurement is relatively simple and has a good repeatability. Therefore the GSR measurement can be considered to be a simple and useful tool for examination of the autonomous nervous system function, and expecially the peripheral sympathetic system.

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bipolar snap-electrode pair

Isolation amplifier

The TMSi isolation amplifier is intended to provide a patient safe galvanic isolation between two external analog inputs and two AUX ports on TMSi signal acquisition devices.

The isolation is available with a single input and output and with dual input and output.


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