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EEG headcap

The TMSi EEG headcaps use pico coax cables to assure the best signal quality. Each electrode cable is individually shielded, making them immune to mains interference and cable movement artifacts.

The TMSi EEG headcaps are available in different sizes, head circumferences ranging from neonatal (25-27 cm) to Large (58-62 cm). The amount of electrodes in a headcap ranges from 21 electrodes to 128 (!) electrodes. They can be used in different applications, from normal EEG monitoring to Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) research or Event-Related Potentials.


    • Each channel is individually shielded.

    • Sizes available from neonatal (25-27 cm) to Large (58-62 cm).

    • Amount of electrode channels ranges from 21 to 128 electrodes.

    • Every headcap also includes a starter kit for gel electrode headcaps, including 2 syringes and blunt needles, electrode gel, and measuring tape.

  • PDF File Download CapsizeChartHeadcaps.pdf

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