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Goniometers and Torsiometers

With goniometers and torsiometers it is possible to measure angles and rotations respectively.

Twin axis goniometers can simultaneously measure angles in up to two planes of movement.  The single axis torsiometers are designed for measurement of rotations in one plane, e.g. forearm pronation/supination.

    • Goniometer F35, 1D, finger

    • Goniometer SG65, 2D, wrist

    • Goniometer SG75, 2D, wrist large

    • Goniometer SG110, 2D, elbow and neck

    • Goniometer SG150, 2D, knee and hip

    • Goniometer SG150B, 2D, back

    • Torsiometer Q110, 1D, neck

    • Torsiometer Q150, 1D, forearm

  • PDF File Download goniometer-specs.pdf

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