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High Density EMG grids

Special 64-channel grids were developed for the measurement of High Density EMG.

The pre-configured grids are available in two different inter-electrode distances and consist of 64 electrodes in an 8x8 configuration. Grids are connected to the Refa amplifier through a special 64 channel "click" connector and 64 channel pico cable, each lead with individual shielding. With the 128-channel Refa, two 64-channel grids can be used in parallel.

Apart from using a standard grid, one could always want to configure own grid layouts. This is possible with the help of our micro-electrodes.

    • Pre-configured grids of 64 electrodes in an 8x8 configuration.

    • Interelectrode distances of 4.0mm and 8.5mm available.

    • Configuration of custom made grids by means of the unipolar micro-electrodes.

  • PDF File Download TMSi - Refa for HD EMG_v3.1.pdf

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