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Respiration sensors

Respiration can be measured by means of an inductive or resistive respiration belt, but also by means of measuring the EMG of the diaphragm.

For several medical purposes, the respiration of a patient needs to be measured. Sometimes we want to have an impression about the pulmonary function, sometimes we just want to detect and calculate the amount of apneas.

We have both inductive and resistive respiration belts available for the measurement of respiration. Next to that it is also possible to measure the nasal airflow by means of our differential pressure sensors.

    • Respiration effort module V6

    • Inductive respiration bands, available from 40cm to 150 cm.

    • Resistive respiration belt.

    • Differential pressure sensors (3,33 mV/mmHg or 20 mV/mmHg), in combination with a nasal cannula.

  • PDF File Download TMSi - Measuring respiration_v2.0.pdf

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