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The Mobi is a 6-channel ambulatory system for measuring EMG and/or ECG under all circumstances. We also have configurations available that allow measurement of force, position or even SpO2.

The flexible and modular concept of the Mobi offers a wide range of measurement configurations and user definable measurement parameters. For example EEG, EMG, ECG, force, position, movement, temperature and respiration can all be measured. The Mobi can further be configured with a digital input for SpO2.

The design of the Mobi integrates TMSi's proprietary TAS2 (True Active Signal Shielding) technology for clean signals and data completely free of mains interference and cable movement artifacts. The Mobi incorporates no hardware filters (other than anti-aliasing) so the raw data is always available and quick recovery ensured. Filtering is consequently done in software on the PC. 

The Mobi is designed for ambulatory measurements, but can be used stationary as well. In stationary use, the data is directly sent to a PC by Bluetooth® wireless telemetry. Thus the user has optimal freedom during the measurement. Of course it is possible to store the data locally on an SD card up to 2 GB. The Mobi is carried in a pouch on the subject's belt and is powered by only 2 AA batteries.

    • Up to 10 channels (including SpO2)

    • No cable movement artifacts

    • No filtering (including Notch filter) for true signal quality

    • Slot for SD card (for storage up to 2 GB)

    • Marker input

    • Option of 1 saturation input channel

    • Bluetooth wireless communication

    • Powered by 2x AA batteries

    • Max. sample rate 2048 Hz

    • CE certified (class 2A, type CF)

  • User Manual_Mobi_EN-Rev2.pdf

    Technical Specifications_Mobi-Rev1.pdf

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